Wedding Photography

Capturing the Moment

The art of wedding photography is more than the ability to understand technical equipment and focus a lens. It is the ability to look multi-dimensionally, seeing beyond what is visible to the eye and finding that special spark that makes each person alive and vibrant, and to then nurture, coax, and ultimately capture with ease these precious moments in time. It is the art of finding the “supermodel” in all of us, without making one feel uncomfortable or conspicuous in front of the lens. It is being able to see every detail, things that you will not have noticed during your whirlwind wedding day, and essentially be your “eyes” in providing you a photojournalistic journey from start to finish.

In addition to capturing the essentials, our photographers have mastered the ability to continually see peripherally. We are continually anticipating that perfect candid shot about to happen and catch it before the moment slips away. Some of the most heartfelt moments happen when you or loved ones are caught up in the moment… it is our delight to be able to gift you with images that reflect upon the joy, the tears, and the glory of your wedding day!

At the same time, our photographers are fully in the present and continually scanning and grading the viability of lighting, background, posing, and aware of the subtleties that can either make or break the final image. Being a photographer requires a level of concentration not only in an artistic sense, but also the ability to patiently communicate with grace and yet implement a firm hand in facilitating staging and posing large numbers of people. Creating an image does not happen by accident or luck… it is through skill, experience, and the innate ability to work with a variety of elements that your perfect wedding photos are born!

While most wedding photographers lock you in to an eight hour session at upwards of $4000, our professional Montecito Weddings photographers understand that not everyone (even in Santa Barbara) has that kind of budget. Our photographers work at a rate of $210 per hour, unheard of in the industry! This includes a hi resolution cd of all of your edited images, and you also have the option of ordering professionally printed photos on high quality photographic paper if you wish. Most of our wedding packages have the photography built in, but you are certainly welcome to hire one of our team for your reception photography, engagement photo shoot, or exclusive “Trash The Dress” photos following the big day!