Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

Dear Sarah and Nicole,

I am so happy and thankful to both of you we had the most PERFECT wedding I could ever wish for and it was all because of the both of you.

The entire ceremony and reception from the decorations to the food and everything was above and beyond amazing.

You are both so wonderful and absolutely incredible women and I am so blessed to have you in my wedding.

It was a magical day in Santa Barbara.

I will make sure to write the most thorough and extravagant review for how amazing you both were in every way and also please thank Briana for us she was so great. I loved all of you and you are all such wonderful people who are happy and will live long healthy fortunate lives making fairy tales come true.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING I will recommend each and every family friendly acquaintance or even strangers to your amazing wedding planning.

Have an incredible rest of the year and a happy life xoxoxo

The Massoni family
(Matt, Jeanelyn and Tanner)
Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for your wonderful speech. This means so much to us!!!!!You make our wedding to a very beautiful and such amazing experience, thank you for all:-)))!!!!!!We never forget!!!!

All our love!!!!
Greetings from Germany!
Sabine and Andreas
Dear Sarah,

I don’t think we got the chance to THANK YOU for a beautiful ceremony. Please thank Nicole for her help with coordinating everything for us, it was amazing. We loved the set-up, your beautiful words and we really appreciate everything you did to make our wedding day special.

Thanks a ton!
Juanita & Thaddaeus
Dearest Sarah, I almost do not know where to begin with what a PERFECT wedding event you provided for Lindsay and Stephen! From our initial planning session at Starbucks to the ending moments leaving Stella Mares, we just had the most wonderful experience working with you and the Montecito Weddings crew. So many of our family and friends said it was the best wedding they have ever attended – and my husband and I totally agree. The ceremony was sweet, personal, meaningful and intimate – you chose the perfect words about love and marriage and the starfish story with the bride and groom sending their starfishes back into the ocean was so fun and unique. Again, perfection. Thank you also for arranging to have Tony Ybarra play during the event and for having Henry Umana take the photographs. Henry’s preview postings are amazing and I know he captured the joy and fun everyone was feeling. The Butterfly Beach setting was amazing and welcoming – it was so heartwarming to see everyone arrive and just immediately relax and enjoy the wedding. Some adorable little girls in swimsuits even ran up the beach to congratulate Lindsay just before the ceremony began – so cute. Nicole, Sebastian and Joel were so nice to work with at the wedding site and the end result was charming. Our little cousin even helped Nicole toss the rose petals in the aisle – the whole atmosphere was one of family, close friends and love. You were so right about Stella Mares – the greenhouse was magical and we absolutely just had to show up to our own little French bistro with fresh flowers on the tables, candlelight and the most wonderful food and drinks. All our guests raved about how good their dinners were and then came the cake – best ever wedding cake!!! Sarah, your decorating was beautiful with so many white roses and the starfish, too. It was like eating a fluffy strawberry shortcake cloud – just the right amount of sweetness. Lily’s cookie favors were so cute and yummy – and again the personal touch of having a homemade gift to send home with each guest helped make the wedding even more special. You definitely must add Lily’s cookies to your wedding service selections – Lindsay called me late last night to say, “Oh, my goodness, the cookies are delicious!” I just knew we were in the right hands when we met with you to be our wedding planner. Our experience with Montecito Weddings was fantastic and stress-free from start to finish.

Thank you for a perfect wedding day,
Lynn and Allen Roberts

P.S. The crew really did work their butts off setting up the perfect wedding site!
Thanks a ton!
Juanita & Thaddaeus
Dear Rev. Sarah,

We wanted to thank you again for providing a lovely ceremony. Our expectations were absolutely exceeded! The hand sealing ceremony was perfect, and we were so grateful that you were able to accommodate our requests. You truly helped make our day that much more special!

Morgan + Gina
Dear Rev. Sarah,

We just wanted to thank you so very much! Our wedding was absolutely perfect, it couldn’t have possibly been more intimate.Thank you for doing everything you had to do, to make our day so lovely. We can’t begin to express how grateful we are.

May you always have a happy heart, and be surrounded by what makes you happy.

Lara & Sev
Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for everything you did to ensure our wedding day was perfect!!! Here’s a little something to thank you!

Lots of love,
Susan & Kelly
Hi Sarah!

Thank you so, so much for all of your kind help and support with our wedding. Everything turned out much better than expected, and our family said it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever seen. We could not have asked for a better wedding planner!

Much love from both of us,
Amanda + Nick
Thank you Sarah. It was a perfect and amazing weekend for us. I was so lucky to have found you and your company on the Internet. Your service was very special, thank you.

David Pantoja

Seagrass was amazing, you must try it!
Hi Sarah,

It wouldn’t let me post my full review, so I had to shorten it. But, just so you know…. thank you! Here is my full review because I wanted you to know we really appreciated you.

If you’re a bride wondering if Sarah Farmer is a good choice to plan your wedding….from a very happy client the answer is yes, I’d hire her again without a question, she is wonderful. A word of advice to you, yes hire a planner (I don’t care what your fiance says about a budget, the stress of doing it yourself might ruin your experience!), yes let the planner actually do most of the work, and yes, stop stressing if you hire Sarah because she really does have it covered. You don’t have to worry that she’s not going to do it right at the last minute because she has good taste (if you let her run with it she might surprise you in a good way),she is professional, mild and never abrasive, and if you let her do the work you really can relax. And please please hire her notary to do all the legal work for you, I promise, it IS worth the fee. But let me give you the details so you have a clear view as to why I’d hire Sarah again:

Sarah is graceful and very kind. This comes across in her emails (which was how we communicated until the week of the wedding), and when you meet her in person she is just the same. She listens to what you want, helps you get a clear picture on ideas you have but aren’t quite sure what to do, and is very patient when you are stressed out and sending numerous and long emails.

I hired Sarah mainly to plan the ceremony, which she did beautifully. But it turns out she helped with the reception too. I picked the package I wanted and added ala carte items as I wanted. It really is that easy if you let it be. Sarah confirmed the details among those items that aren’t clear when you pick them (such as flowers, color theme, religious or not in your vows, etc.) So before we met the week of, we were both very clear on EXACTLY what I wanted and the EXACT price. A word of advice, if your site is outside, ask Sarah to make sure it has bathrooms or if you have to pay a permit fee to have bathrooms, or hire the nice portable bathrooms, do so.

Flexibility – ok, this was amazing. If I could give her 10 stars on this I would. While you’re reading this, please keep in mind we used Sarah as our officiant, so she had to orchestrate our ceremony as well as marry us. We chose to get married on the beach. Guess what… the one day I picked, mother nature was being cranky! The weather turned out to be horrific! There was 35mph winds on the beach (the news said hurricane speeds). Tables were turning over. As our guests arrived to the beach, the wind was kicking up sand in their faces, the decorations were taking a beating. Sarah, being awesome, worked with my hubby and decided to call me to figure out what to do. I was on my way to the ceremony site and we decided I would keep the ceremony at the beach, but didn’t have a backup for the reception. So, she quickly found a private home in the Santa Barbara hills with a beautiful yard that could accommodate the size of our party. Done and done. Of course this caused me some stress because I wanted a sunset on the beach, but I reminded myself it wasn’t about the frills, it was about getting married, and I was very grateful Sarah acted so quickly and it turned out really beautiful. Some of the guest who didn’t arrive til right before the ceremony started didn’t even know we had to move the reception site. She moved all the tables, chairs, food, decorations, everything to this site for us. We didn’t have to do a thing. Also, the day before we married Sarah made a suggestion on the dinnerware I would use, and we made a change (last minute), which she effortlessly accommodated and all I had to do was pick. She did all the work. That’s what it’s like working with Sarah, just pick, be clear on what you’re picking, and she takes care of it. Easy.

Bonus: did you know Sarah is a professional pastry chef? Um… do your research brides!! Why make it harder on yourself? I decided to have Sarah do the cake, and didn’t tell her much other than I like square, I wanted carrot cake and chocolate. (This was risky, I know, I know. But I was trying to tame the control monster that lives inside me). So, I just let her go with it and it was absolutely beautiful – and it tasted good. I am not a fan of wedding cakes, in my opinion, they aren’t usually good, the frosting is often sugary and the cake is dry. You could say I’m not an easy person to please when it comes to carrot cake (my favorite). It has to be moist, flavorful, fresh ingredients, and the icing cannot be too sweet. Sarah’s was good. If she baked it in bakery I’d buy it. AND, she decorated it perfectly with an ocean theme, ribbon that matched my teal colors, and decorated it tastefully. It was displayed on a “Love is Sweet” cake display (which I found online later and bought because it was nice). Many of the guests complimented us on the cake and couldn’t believe Sarah had made it. So, yes, if you don’t want the hassle of trying to get a cake delivered, Sarah can handle this too and it’s worth it. One less thing to stress about. If Sarah has a picture of the cake she can send it. If not, she can ask me and I’ll get one to her.

A realistic caution: Ok, if you’re like me when planning your wedding, you’re in all out research mode. Sending emails, phone calls, follow ups, appointments, dress fittings, etc etc. One thing that I had to chill out on was if I sent Sarah an email, I expected a response within the same day or the next day. Well, I had to remember, the world doesn’t revolve around me because I’m getting married, and I’m not the only bride Sarah is working with. Plus, she has a life too. So, if Sarah doesn’t respond within a few days, she will within the week. (My mom called me and said Sarah hasn’t responded in 4 or 5 days. I told her give it one more day, and sure enough Sarah responded). Also, the few weeks right before your wedding, she’s in contact with you every day if needed. A week to respond! you might say, trust me, Sarah’s read your email and she’s on top of it. She’s just busy. And when she did respond, we often went back and forth right there because we were both on email at the same time. At one point, she was on vacation and took the time to respond to my email and sent me all the info I needed. So just be patient, she’s knows what she’s doing, she’s on top of it, she’s good at this, and it will get done. Stop stressing. As the day gets closer, she’ll be in touch with you quickly and even via phone as needed.

So if I were reading Sarah’s reviews, this is the kind of realistic information I’d want. Hope it helps, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! And try not to stress, I promise, it’s not worth it.

Olivia & Aaron Schultz

:) :) :)
Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding. YOU did a fabulous job and I can not wait until I have time to write all my Yelp reviews because yours will be PHENOMENAL

As beautiful as I feel that it was, I am so glad it is all past us now because that was literally the biggest, craziest, most detailed and stressful thing I have ever planned in my entire life, and I have planned huge parties but NOTHING like my own little intimate wedding! 😛

Seriously, thank you.
Tosha Shea and Jonathan Sachio Hori
I wanted to say thank you again for everything that you and your crew did! Everything was way more than I had ever expected. It’s was beautiful!! We are so grateful for everything!! So a big THANK YOU to everyone that made our special day perfect!

S Sherwood!
Thank you so much for the PERFECT wedding for Stephanie and Enrique! We all could not be more pleased with everything from the rehearsal to the ceremony itself. The ceremony was beautiful and your ceremonial exchanges and blessings were wonderful. Please thank your staff also for the beautiful decorations and the 25 lb. bouquet! We look forward to all the beautiful pictures and the memories we will have for a lifetime.

Stephanie and Enrique!
Dear Sarah,

We wanted to thank you,Once again for the beautiful setting, cake topper and flower arrangements! It truly was a wonderful moment and ceremony. It all was captured wonderfully in the photographs.. You have a great team ! I’ve recommended you guys already! :)

Best regards xoxoxox,
Mr.& Mrs. Maymoun

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your lovely email, we are leaving tomorrow to go to Brazil for our honeymoon so this week has flown by. I feel the same way about meeting you! I know now that it was God ordained that I called you first on my list of ministers to marry us. My parents really wanted a pastor from Reality Church to marry us, and God found one for me! Everyone kept saying how perfect our ceremony was, and how people plan weddings a whole year in advance and things go totally wrong. God helped me plan that in a week and it turned out perfect, I will definitely ask Him to guide and help me with planning our big one were having next June 2014. Thank you again, and I’m sure that that will not be the last time our paths cross.

All the Best,
Shannon Carter
Thanks Sarah for all of your help throughout the planning process. We had an awesome venue and it was exactly as we had envisioned. You were so kind as we pieced everything together, so thank you!

Kelli and Imer
Just wanted to thank you and Scott for everything. Everything was perfect. I absolutely LOVED my flowers, you did an amazing job! Thank you for helping make our big day everything we had hoped for and more.

Robert & Shannon Parsons
Thank you so much Sarah and thanks to Scot. Tonya and I spoke about the day and experience over dinner on SB pier and I’m telling you…we just had such a wonderful experience that even as I write this I get tears of joy and love. You are so sweet and your spirit was exactly what we had hoped for. Scot taking photos was unexpected and a treasure for us. Thank you Scot. And then…the wind moved us inside to find a lovely spot to sit, talk, laugh, and celebrate. You should know…the day…none of it…will ever be forgotten. Thank you friends. God Bless You!

Tim and Tonya
HI Sarah,

Just wanted to say thank you so very much for the wonderful job that you did at our wedding….it was a perfect day and the ceremony could not have been better!!!….we can’t wait to see the pictures!!!

Take care and thanks again for making our wishes come true!! Stephanie Edge
Dear Sarah,

I just wanted to write and say thanks again for doing such a lovely job with our wedding on Friday. So many people commented on what a meaningful and intimate ceremony it was, and I really appreciated how you incorporated the girls. I wouldn’t hesitate to give you a recommendation if needed.

Thanks so much again, and best wishes!
Thank you so much Sarah.! You made our little ceremony look grandiose. It was amazing. Better than what we had imagined. We can’t thank you enough. My family was also pleased and kept complimenting us on the work we all put in, including yourself.

With much love and appreciation,
Mr. & Mrs. Rosales
Hi Sarah-

Chris and I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony on 11/25/2011. The location, décor, and ceremony were all perfect and added to the wonderful day that Chris and I had. We will have memories of that day forever and I would just like to thank you for all of your hard work.

Thanks again for everything.

Allison Miller
Sarah, we just wanted to say that the wedding was wonderful. We are very pleased with everything. We just got the video, it is outstanding. Thank you.

Johnny and Maria
Hi Sarah! We’re back in Phoenix now and miss the beach already. We received the photos and are very happy with them. It was a wonderful ceremony and decorations, and we are so thankful that you could accommodate us on such short notice. You are amazing!

Thank you! Mr and Mrs Perez!
Dear Sarah, thank you!!! We are back from our honeymoon now (was amazing, thank you for your recommendations) and were excited to find our picture cd waiting for us when we got back. Wow! That was fast! They are great! Please thank Scott for us :)

Truly, our wedding could not have been more perfect, better than I ever imagined. We have been to a lot of weddings over the last few years so I feel like we are experts now… just thought you should know that ours was by FAR the most beautiful, intimate, and special of them all! And no I’m not biased because it was MY wedding!!!

You really have a special touch and a heart for what you do… it shows in all of the special details. I hope you can get some rest now that it’s over! Lol…

We feel so blessed to have found you. Lots of love to you and Scott!

Sincerely, Crystie and Dane Willis
Rev. Sarah, thank you again for making my daughter Crystie’s wedding day so special and for including the rose ceremony for us. You have a gentle heart and it comes through in your words and attentiveness. Wishing you and your family a delightful holiday season!

Kind regards, Vivian French (Crystina French and Dane Willis)
Sarah, thank you for everything you did to make our wedding dreams a reality! Please pass along our token of appreciation to everyone (we meant to give you this at the ceremony but with everything going on kinda forgot). We can’t wait to see the photos!

With love, Luz and Richard De Paz
Dear Sarah, we got lots of compliments about the ceremony. It was perfect and appreciate all your help coordinating it.

Looking forward to seeing the pics.

Doug and Marci Brekke
Hi Sarah! We really enjoyed the ceremony and the reception. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Also, the cake was great! I know I mentioned it before, but I had no idea you made it. It was a nice surprise.

Dear Sarah, we just can’t find the words to thank you for all that you did to make our wedding day so special. The day was perfect from start to finish and all of our guests RAVED about all of the special touches you put in to everything. You really made putting all of the bizzillion details together so easy… or at least for me! Lol… please thank your whole crew for me for all they did in making the wedding ceremony look so perfect!

Especially thank YOU for the moment of rememberence for my mom and dad… I know they were both with us in spirit and it touched my heart that you remembered our conversation we had way back in April about their passing. You do an amazing job and I feel blessed to have started out our married life with you as our pastor and guide.

Also: The photos are beautiful, please thank Scot as well. They are beautiful reminders of the most wonderful day of our lives. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I will definitely recommend you to all of our single friends!

Love, Mr and Mrs Prestley (J&J!)
Dear Sarah, a belated thank you for a perfectly amazing day (Aug 13th, 2011). You really exceeded all expectations with the ceremony and everything. The flowers were beyond perfect, and the starfish and crystal arbor decorations were divine! I love the chandelier… that and the starfish ceremony were a really special touch.

Also we love the photos, they are fabulous! I have shared them with everyone online, at work, strangers in the street…lol! The pictures are just beautiful and he captured the day perfectly. I’m using the one with all of us jumping for our Christmas card :)

Truly, thank you. Thank you all. You really did made my “Bling thing” wedding dreams come true!

Warm regards, from the “mermaid princess’ and her “little prince”
Crystal and Jon
Hi Sarah! First, let me say that your ceremony melted my heart. Did you know that the Velveteen Rabbit was my favorite book as a child? Wow… that was a really special surprise for me, brings tears to my eye and a smile to my heart even now.

Second, you really impressed “the Royal family” with how gorgeous the ceremony location looked. They are still singing your praises (which in itself it a rarity and a HUGE compliment). They also complimented your ceremony as well, especially my dad who said you are an excellent speaker. You really connect, and what you said throughout the ceremony was so very meaningful.

Third, after all is said and done… Guess what? We were so struck by the beauty of the area that we are considering a move to Santa Barbara! We will be back in June to look at houses and hope to be able to get together with you and Scott for dinner if you’re up for it.

Thank you for everything Sarah, you really made our wedding day perfect. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful holiday season!

With all our hearts, Micah (Mike) and Kristine
Aloha Sarah! We are back from our honeymoon on the Big Island, was like paradise! Thank you for all of your hard work and your beautiful spirit! Our wedding day was fabulous, loved the tropical touches and how easy it was for us coming from Arizona to plan the whole thing through you. You really rescued me!!! Thanks again and we will be seeing you next October for our renewal for sure! Mahalo!

Karin and Jay
Sarah. Thanks again for a great ceremony. We had a beautiful evening on the terrace at the Biltmore. We are happy to be mr and mrs. For sure.

Hello Sarah,
I just wanted to send a big Thank You for performing such a perfect ceremony for me and Elijah. It was a pleasure meeting you after so many months of emailing back and forth. It was beautiful. Thanks so much!!

Danielle Thomas
Hi Sarah,

Thank you again for the wonderful wedding. We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Everyone said it was the most beautiful ceremony, so thank you for making it so great!!!

Thanks again so much,

Shane and Crystal Skelton
Married life is great!! Jose and I are having the most wondering time. We spent a week in Colorado, sightseeing, river rafting, hiking and eating the most amazing food. Now we are back in LA, relaxing from our trip and the wedding. The wedding was more beautiful than we thought it would be. thank you so much for all your hard work and time.

thank you once again! :)

Love, Liz and Jose!
Hello Sarah!

We are doing great! Having a blast starting our lives together! We have been so busy trying to get our house put together, it’s such hard work =)

Yes, we did receive our Photo CD, Thank you so much! The pictures are great!

Thank you again for creating such an awesome wedding day for us! We hope to see you again, yes perhaps in a few years!

Much love,

Mr. & Mrs. Perez
Dear Sarah, thank you so much for helping make our wedding so beautiful!! I cannot believe it has been two months already :) We wanted to extend an invitation to you for our Family and Friends reception/party on August 6th at 4:30 pm. It would be great if you can make it! We will most definitely be in contact with you on our marriage/ life adventures!

Lots of love, xoxo Octavio and Natalie
Hi Sarah!

Everything is so great………… Loving married life with Jason. Now we are preparing for this little baby to arrive in December :)

We are awaiting pictures, I can’t wait so excited…. So excited to change all my stuff to Jorski!

The wedding was just perfect and stress free, thank you again from the bottom of my heart….

Emily and Jason Jorski

We just received the cd of pictures from the wedding. Wow. They are awesome. You really captured all the key moments and you did so beautiful! Thank you so much for everything. I ended up with the wedding of my dreams. Again, thank you.

Dear Sarah and Montecito Weddings,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an amazing experience you all provided for our special day. It was a fabulous and beautiful day, and we can’t thank you enough for providing that for us. The ceremony was gorgeous, we were complimented on it many times. The decorations, the food, everything was wonderful! Plus, I knew I liked you for a reason Sarah! Your tattoo’s are awesome! I can’t believe how perfect the day was for us… the sunburn later was totally worth it!

Thank you so much again! Love, The Parkers (Acacia and Shawn)
Hi Sarah

Many thanks to you and Pastor Scott and the memories we made. This has turned out to be especially meaningful since the following weekend I wasn’t remembering anything. It turns out that I have hydrocephalus and they put a stent in to relieve the pressure on the 10th May. All went very well and I am pretty much back to normal although I am using up the last of my vacation to recover from the fatigue of wedding plus serious illness. I have lost a third of my hair and I expect to lose the rest in about 3 hours when the hairdresser comes around. Sigh!

Thank you once again. It was a wonderful day and I wish we could do it again.

All the very best
Greetings Sarah!

We are home now from our wedding and honeymoon trip…it was wonderful! Thank you once again for beautifully putting all the details of our wedding together May 14th, and being our Reverand :) it was a true pleasure! And our families view you as we do, now part of the family!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Lots of love,
Natalie & JR Carrillo
Hello Sara, This is Susan and Jerry! How are you? Thanks again for a beautiful wedding. We got the photos, very beautiful, thank you. God bless you!

Love Susan and Jerry
Hi Sarah! Well the wedding is over and we are back from Fiji to the daily grind… just wanted to say we got the photos, thank you! They came in even before we got back from our honeymoon and I have to say Scot did such an amazing job! He is a great guy… make sure we get an invitation to YOUR wedding! Hint hint…

I just wanted to say thank you… You did a fabulous job dealing with all of my crazy requests and your last minute touches were so appreciated. I still have my bouquet and am planning on saving it. Any suggestions on that?

I hope that you have a wonderful summer and we will definitely recommend you to our engaged friends! You made our wedding day so special and could not have done it without you and your staff. What you offer is really amazing and the memories are priceless. Thank you!

Take care, The Curtis’s (I love the way that sounds!)
Hi! Sarah, I just received my pictures. Thank you! They came out beautiful, Scot did a great job! Thank you for everything it was a memorable day for me and I want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony, your kind words and my beautiful flower arrangement. I’m so glad we did the ceremony in Santa Barbara it was a wonderful experience.

Thanks once again and God Bless. See you again in a few years to renew our vows. Elydia
Hi Sarah,

Tom and I are doing wonderfully well. It seems our love for each other grows more intense each day. We just spent 4 marvelous days in Monterey at a hotel right on the Bay, with a great view of it. We saw dolphins and sea lions playing every day! It’s so beautiful there.

We are very happy with the ceremony you performed, and also with your handling of all the details—like the flowers and the music choice. You made the day extra special for us.

We’d have you do our next wedding, but there isn’t going to be a next one!

Carol Elek-Williams
Thanks Sarah. You did a fantastic job planning everything. It was absolutely perfect, the wedding of my dreams!!!!

The Webbs
Hi Sarah :)-

Well married life is going well so far. We are lucky we got married when we did, because I soon after started having a baby bump that I would not have been able to fit into a dress. :) My due date is October 21st and we found out it’s a BOY! :) So we’ve been busy getting a nursery together and all the things we need for him.

How is California? Arizona has been around 111 – 115 degrees so being pregnant and those temps combined I’m pretty toasty. I miss the beach and the cool ocean at my feet. lol

I’ve received the photo CD’s in the mail about two weeks ago and have since printed off copies of all the photos, but I haven’t gone out to get a nice wedding album yet to put it all in, just have done some picture collages around the house.

Everything was so beautiful, and the video came out really nice too. :) We’ve already made a few disks to send to family. I hope the summer months are bringing you lots of fun and you’re able to enjoy your beautiful beaches. I wish I was there.

Thanks so much for everything! Love Shawn and Bernie
Hi Sarah,

John and I wanted to thank you and Scott for the beautiful ceremony. We enjoyed meeting both of you and want you involved in our September 3rd renewal celebration.

Have a wonderful weekend. We will be in touch soon!

Kind regards,
Hello sarah..just wanted to say again thank you to you, scott and your crew..I really appreciate you guys helping me out with everything on saturday..even though it rained the ceremony was still beautiful with the tenting and decoration you provided..I can’t wait to see the photos, Stacie was very professional..both johnny and I are very anxious to see how they turned out thanks so much again.

We loved it..God bless..Antonia and Johnny Huston.
Hello Sarah,

Sorry I haven’t written sooner, just want to say thank you for making our wedding day so special. Thank you again, have a great day!

Teresa and Jim
Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful wedding experience! Your guitarist Tony did an amazing job, my HUSBAND =), guests and I were all really happy. We all LOVED our first dance it was so romantic!

Sarah you were all wonderful, your creativity and friendliness was just incredible.

Can’t wait to see our pictures!


Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. The ceremony turned out beautifully…thanks in large part to your organization, preparation, and experience. The reception was as beautiful and intimate as the ceremony itself. Best wishes from both of us and both Stacy and I look forward to our paths crossing with yours in the future.

I have attached a few photos.

Warm regards and God bless,

Darryl & Stacy.
Dear Sarah, I just have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. The ceremony was beautiful (tears!) and my guests have not stopped complimenting it. You and your whole crew made my wedding day so easy! The reception afterward was awesome too, every last detail was even better than expected and my mom is still talking about how she couldn’t have done it better (that”s a first!). May I add… your cake was AMAZING!

Sarah, YOU are amazing. Thank you for being there for us and making us feel special. Lots of love, Carli and Dan
Hello Sarah. Thanks so much for all you did for us on our wedding day. It could not have been more perfect. The flowers were gorgeous, and the service was delivered with such sincerity. I am so looking forward to receiving our photos and the video!!!

Big hugs to you. Jacquie.
Dear Sarah,

Tony & I would like to thank you both for making our special day more special than even we could have imagined. Our wedding that we had planned was just getting to be to much, and through one of our good friends decided to do what they had done, ELOPE!! Yes sounded like the best thing for us to do, and to have the both of you doing it for us, well you both went more than that extra mile and made it a beautiful day in our lifes that will never be forgotten. Again our sincere thanks for such a memorable day, you both will always remain in our hearts.

Thank you,

Tony & Earlene Montoya
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for arranging everything and officiating at the service! It was lovely!

We went directly to Pismo and had a lovely beachfront suite! Bliss! Now off to San Simeon and beyond!

Thanks again!

Anne and Brian